Quality Assurance

Right from the commencement day of our firm, we are giving stress towards our products quality. This is the reason, optical grade mica and other material are procured by us from authentic vendors for developing all our products including Mica Wave Plates, Polarization Rotators, Quartz Polarization Rotators, Plate Compensator, Polarizing Beam Splitters and Crystal Windows & Optical Flats as per international norms. A quality checking team supervises all the production stages evicting chances of occurring any pitfall. Our entire developed range is examined by the quality checking team at its specific unit to ensure flawlessness, before the final dispatch. All our products are examined on the basis of their performance, construction and safe usage.

Products Portfolio

We are a distinguished firm, meeting needs of numerous clients for Optical Components. Made as per the norms and guidelines of optical industry, the products we offer are absolutely safe to use and hygienic. Our range encompasses following listed products:
  • Crystal Windows & Optical Flats
  • Mica Wave Plates
  • Plate Compensator
  • Polarization Rotators
  • Quartz Polarization Rotators
  • Polarizing Beam Splitters
  • Prism Polarizers
  • Step Compensator
  • Wave Plates UV-NI R
  • Wedge Compensator

Infrastructure Facility

A state-of-the-art infrastructure facility is developed by us for having streamlined execution of trade operations. Sprawling over a wide area of land, this facility provides a platform to our employees for carrying their given tasks in a well-coordinated way. Our manufacturing unit is armed with machines and equipment of latest technology, owing to which we are successfully meeting rapidly increasing needs of the clients. Further, for retaining an edge over competitors and providing remarkable products to clients, we time to time bring innovations to the offered product-line and manufacturing techniques. Further, for looking after trouble-free execution of the tasks that are taking place within our premises, we have appointed a team of experienced personnel.

Terms & Conditions

Passage 1 Scope

(1) All products, administrations and quotes by the seller are made solely on the premise of these General Terms and Conditions of Business (alluded to hereinafter as "T&Cs") if the customer is an organization, a lawful substance in German open law or an exceptional store in German open law. These T& C's are an essential piece of all agreement closed by S& R Optic GmbH, Heuchelheim (alluded to hereinafter as"S&R") with its business accomplices (additionally alluded to hereinafter as "customers") in appreciation of the merchandise or administrations to be supplied. These conditions likewise apply to every future great or administrations supplied to the customer, regardless of the fact that they are not concurred on again independently. (2) Business states of the customer's or outsiders won't make a difference, regardless of the possibility that S&R does not question their legitimacy in individual cases independently.

Section 2 Offers, Concluding Contracts and the Written Form

(1) If a request is to be alluded to as a quote, we may acknowledge this inside of two weeks.
(2) Additions and modifications of the assentions came to, including these T & Cs, must be in composing to be lawfully legitimate. Except for overseeing executives/proprietors and approved organization officers, the workers of S&R are not qualified for make any oral assentions that go amiss from these conditions. Transmission by telefax will suffice to satisfy this procurement.
3) S&R holds possession or copyright on all documentation or things given or sent by it, e.g. quotes, gauges, drawings, representations, estimations, models and so on.
The customer may not make this documentation or these things available to outsiders, pitch them, utilize them itself or through outsiders or copy them without the express consent of S&R.

Passage 3 Prices and Payment

(1) Prices apply to the concurred extent of products or administrations as recorded. Additional, extra or uncommon administrations will be invoiced independently. Costs are in EUROS and ex lives up to expectations in addition to bundling and the appropriate statutory worth included duty; on account of fare conveyances they will likewise incorporate traditions obligations and all expenses and open charges.
(2) The reasoning of markdown requires express understanding.
(3) The counterbalancing of counter-cases or maintenance of installments taking into account such cases is just allowed if the counter-cases are undisputed or have been built up under law.

Section 4 Delivery and Delivery Periods

(1) Proposed due dates and dates for the supply of merchandise and administrations reported by S&R apply if a firm due date or date has been explicitly endorsed or consented to. On the off chance that shipment has been consented to, conveyance due dates and periods apply to the minute the products are given over to the cargo forwarder, transporter or other outsider named to do the vehicle. The initiation of any execution or conveyance period as reported presupposes that every specialized issue have been cleared up.
(2) S&R is not subject for outlandish possibility of conveyance or for conveyance delays if these are because of Acts of God or different occasions unforeseeable at the time the assention was marked, e.g. operational disturbances of different types, issues in acquiring materials or vitality, transport deferrals, strikes, legal lockouts, absence of representatives, vitality or crude materials or non-conveyance, wrong conveyance or inopportune conveyance by suppliers, if S&R is not in charge of them. On the off chance that such occasions make execution or conveyances extensively more troublesome or unimaginable and the deterrent is not just of makeshift length of time, S&R will be qualified for scratch off the assention. On account of blocks of just transitory length of time, conveyance then again execution due dates will be stretched out by the length of the time of the impediment in addition to a suitable start-up period. On the off chance that as a consequence of the deferral the customer can't sensibly be relied upon to acknowledge the products or administrations, it may drop the agreement by quick revelation to S&R.
(3) S&R is qualified for make incomplete conveyances if the customer can utilize the fractional conveyance as a feature of the contractually proposed reason, if conveyance of the remaining products as requested is guaranteed and if the customer brings about no major extra exertion or expenses.
(4) If S&R falls into unpaid debts with the supply of products or administrations or if the supply of merchandise or administrations is unrealistic for reasons unknown, S&R's obligation to pay harms is restricted to the procurements in Paragraph 7 of these T & Cs.

Section 5 Place of Fulfillment, Transfer of Risk, Acceptance

(1) The spot of satisfaction for all commitments emerging from the contractual relationship is 35452 Heuchelheim, Germany, unless different courses of action have been made. On the off chance that S&R is likewise needed to perform establishment, the spot of satisfaction will be the spot where establishment is to be completed.
(2) Risk exchanges to the customer when the merchandise to be conveyed are given over to the cargo forwarder, transporter or other gathering named to do conveyance. This likewise applies on account of incomplete conveyances or if S&R has contracted to perform different administrations, for example, transportation or establishment. In the event that transporting or exchange is postponed for explanations behind which the customer is dependable, danger exchanges to the customer on the day the merchandise to be conveyed are prepared to be dispatched and S&R has told the customer of this.
Warehousing expenses brought about after danger has been exchanged will be borne by the customer.
(3) Formal acknowledgment is to be completed if asked for by a gathering to the agreement. On the off chance that acknowledgment is not obliged, execution will be considered to have been acknowledged following 12 working days have terminated and taking after composed warning that execution has been finished. On the off chance that acknowledgment is not obliged and if the customer uses the merchandise or administrations or part thereof, acknowledgment will be regarded to have been completed following six working days have terminated after beginning of utilization unless different plans have been consented to.

Passage 6 Physical Defects, Claims for Defects

(1) Information from S&R on the products or administrations to be supplied and all delineations of the same are legitimate unless their convenience for the contractually concurred reason presupposes no other exact match. The data constitutes no ensured components of the products' or administrations' natural qualities; rather, it is a portrayal or characterisation of the merchandise or administrations. Deviations ordinary in the exchange and deviations needed by law or which show specialized enhancements and the substitution of segments by proportionate parts are allowed the length of they don't disable the ease of use of the contractually proposed reason.
(2) The assurance period is one year as from conveyance or, if acknowledgment is needed, after acknowledgment.
(3) Claims for imperfections presuppose that the customer has properly satisfied its commitment to assess the merchandise or benefits and has told us of any deformities according to Section 377 of the German Commercial Code. On account of an agreement for administrations, Section 377 of the German Commercial Code will apply comparably. Taking after the exchange of danger and/or acknowledgment of the item, the customer is obliged to review it promptly to guarantee that it is in living up to expectations request and to inform us in composing of any imperfections after they have been found however no later than seven days from there on.
(4) If an imperfection is because of shortcoming with respect to S&R, the customer may ask for pay in specific situations according to Paragraph 7.
(5) Claims for deformities won't have any significant bearing if the customer modifies the thing conveyed or has it changed by an outsider without the assent of S&R and the adjustment makes repair of imperfections incomprehensible or hard to the point where they are preposterous. In all cases the customer is obliged to hold up under the extra expenses of repairing the deformity coming about because of the change.

Passage 7 Liability for Compensation

(1) S&R's risk for remuneration, paying little mind to the reason however specifically for inconceivable possibility of execution, deferral, non-conveyance or wrong conveyance, rupture of commitments in contract transactions and prohibited activities, is restricted under the terms of Paragraph 7, if every reason is because of deficiency.
(2) S&R is not subject in instances of straightforward carelessness by its administration, legitimate delegates, salaried workers or different specialists the length of there is no rupture of a key contractual commitment. A fundamental contractual commitment is a commitment on which the customer can and may depend. Crucial contractual commitments incorporate the commitment to convey and introduce in a convenient manner products that are free of key imperfections, consultative, defensive, custodial and obligation of consideration commitments that empower the customer to utilize the thing conveyed in the contractually recommended way or whose reason for existing is to ensure the lives and soundness of the customer's work force.
(3) If S&R is at risk as per Paragraph 7 (2) for pay on its merits, this obligation will be restricted to harms that S&R predicted when finishing up the understanding as a conceivable outcome of a break of agreement or which it ought to have anticipated when taking the standard consideration. Aberrant harm and important harm coming about because of imperfections in the thing conveyed must be supplanted or repaid if such harm is to be normally expected in things of this nature when utilized as planned.
(4) In instances of risk for straightforward carelessness, the commitment with respect to S&R to supplant or repay physical harm and coming about loss of benefits is constrained to the measure of 5.000 for every case except for close to two cases for each year (comparing to the present protection scope of organization risk protection), including breaks of fundamental contractual commitments. S&R will, on solicitation, send a duplicate of the protection arrangement to the customer.
(5) Exclusions and restrictions of obligation apply to the same degree to the formal of the administration, legitimate delegates, salaried workers and different operators of S&R.
(6) The confinements in this Paragraph 7 don't matter to the obligation of the merchant for intentional activities, intrinsic ensured component, death, physical injury or harm to human health or liability pursuant to the German Product Liability Act.

Passage 8 Retention of Title, Sureties

(1) S&R holds right of possession to the things conveyed until all installments from the business relationship have been gotten. On account of behavior in break of the agreement with respect to the customer, S&R will be qualified for take back the thing conveyed. Taking it back will constitute crossing out of the agreement. In the wake of taking the thing back S&R will be approved to offer it and to balance the returns from such a deal against the customer's liabilities, less proper regulatory expenses.
(2) The customer is obliged to treat the thing conveyed with consideration; specifically it is obliged to safeguard the thing at its own particular cost against harm by flame, water and burglary. In the event that support and assessment work are needed, the customer must complete this at its own particular cost in a convenient manner.
(3) The customer is qualified for exchange the thing conveyed in the ordinary course of business; then again it instantly appoints all cases in the last measure of the receipt (counting Value Added Tax) to S&R because of it from the resale to its buyer or outsiders. The customer additionally stays qualified for gather this obligation after task. This won't influence S&R's power to gather this obligation itself. On the other hand, S&R attempts not to gather the obligation itself the length of the customer satisfies its installment commitments emerging from the gathered continues, does not fall into back payments and, specifically, makes no application to open indebtedness procedures.
(4) Processing or reshaping of the thing conveyed by the customer will be completed for S&R at all times. On the off chance that the thing conveyed is handled with different things not fitting in with S&R, S&R will gain joint responsibility for new thing as a rate of the estimation of the thing acquired (last receipt sum including worth included expense) in connection to the next prepared things at the season of preparing.
(5) If the thing conveyed is indivisibly consolidated with different things not having a place with S&R, S&R will get joint responsibility for new thing bought as a rate of the estimation of the thing acquired (last receipt sum including worth included expense) in connection to the next joined things at the season of joining. On the off chance that consolidating is done in such a way, to the point that the thing having a place with the customer is to be viewed as the principle article, it is regarded to have been concurred that the customer exchanges an extent of joint possession to S&R. The customer will hold the resultant sole proprietorship or joint possession for S&R.
(6) The customer likewise doles out to S&R the cases against an outsider that outcome from the association between the bought merchandise and land.
(7) If asked for to do as such by the customer, S&R will attempt to discharge the securities owed to it if the feasible estimation of our securities surpass the estimation of the cases to be secured by more than 10%; the decision of the securities to be discharged will be the obligation of S&R.
(8) If the merchandise are conveyed abroad, S&R will be qualified for solicitation the customer to give it an unhindered, sequentially boundless, specifically enforceable surety from a bank subject to German law authorized in the EU, with the end goal of ensuring installment claims.

Section 9 Place of Jurisdiction, Choice of Law, Final Provisions

(1) The spot of ward is the area of the spot of business of S&R; be that as it may, we are likewise qualified for bring legitimate activity against the customer at its court of residence.
(2) The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply solely and avoid the procurements of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG).
(3) If the agreement or these T & Cs contain oversights, it is concurred that those exclusions will be supplanted by those legitimately substantial procurements that the gatherings to the agreement would have consented to as per the business points of the agreement and the motivation behind these terms and states of business on the off chance that they had thought about the exclusion.

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